Influencer Marketing Platform For Instagram

Influencer Marketing Platform For Instagram

Shirley was designed as an influencer marketing platform for Instagram to assist brands and business owners manage content and influencers. The software was developed to help these brands and agencies discover the database of influencers on Instagram and monitor contents. We can boldly say that among the influencer marketing agencies for Instagram out there, we stand tall among the rest.

Today, there are several marketing platforms for Instagram that brands and agencies can utilize but very few give access to several options all in one place. Would you not rather join the number one micro-influencer marketing tool for Instagram that gives you access to the necessary tools needed to manage your brand?

Choosing the right influencer agencies for Instagram could be the boost your business or brand requires and Shirley was designed to help you grow, monitor and expand your online presence.

What makes Shirley a top Instagram influencer marketing platform?

Shirley was designed to deliver a smooth and magical Instagram influencer marketing experience for brands. Members can now skip details such as screenshots, DMs as well as using spreadsheets as Shirley helps you manage these all in one place.

You can also trigger emails to remind influencers of their required responsibilities and contents, thereby holding everyone on your team accountable.

Shirley also helps monitor and study your influencers, you study their engagements and have a grasp of your marketing with our built-in analytics tool. This means you can choose who and what works best for your brand or business. 

Influencer contents can all be managed and saved in any folder which makes it easier to save every post or story, the days of taking screenshots are long gone.

All activities such as tracking the status of all influencers in your marketing funnel; awareness of the actions these influencers may have carried out and what is required of them next. This helps to ensure all standards and rules are followed.

When we at Jumper Media started, we needed a management tool to handle our Instagram influencers at scale, but this was quite challenging and expensive which eventually led to Shirley.

Brands can now fully utilize our Instagram influencer marketing platform (Shirley) to manage a large number of influencers without spending thousands of dollars monthly to maintain.

How do you use influencer marketing on Instagram?

Shirley was designed to serve this purpose, you can simply log onto our website and get a walkthrough to fully grasp the technicalities of how to use influencer marketing on Instagram.

Schedule a 30-min walkthrough to discuss your needs with an expert and to see what we do and if it would benefit you.

Time to cut your expenses and switch to the best Influencer marketing agency for Instagram. You never have to worry because we guide our members every step of the way, we also welcome all your questions and inquiries.

Delivering the best Marketing platform for Instagram is what we set out to do, kindly reach us today and let's work with your budget.