Real Estate Marketing Strategy

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Real Estate Marketing Strategy

Real estate marketing is a crowded niche, especially in geographical areas that have astronomical numbers of real estate agents or developing property. While we are all happy to welcome futuristic buildings and a modern neighborhood, one real estate entity remains conflicted on their next best course of action.

Real estate marketing strategies have to catch up with constant digital developments. The once loved locational searches are not enough because people want to see faster and more effective real estate marketing ideas. The following summary details all the contemporary real estate marketing techniques that are making a significant role for the business and will help in how to write a real estate marketing plan with Gravity Real Estate services,

Virtual tours

This marketing strategy dictates the growth of your real estate business in 2020. Online social markets have switched from detailed paragraphs to short, catchy videos displaying the interior and exterior of the property.

Unlike texts, videos allow viewers to form their own unbiased opinion of the property before they travel or book the open door. The following statistics prove why videos are an excellent marketing tool.

  • Thirty-six percent of homebuyers intently search for videos while looking for a home
  • Different generations have an easy time with any virtual reality tour

Another important of 3D tours is that they should be accessible on multiple gadgets, such as the desktop and mobile phones. Most importantly, a 3D virtual reality tour should be interactive for better viewing.  

Lead Bots

Bots will play a significant role in qualifying prospects and leads. Real estate marketers use extremely interactive robotics to identify and interact with candidates. The technology reduces the time spent to close deals and therefore gives the client an upper hand in a sale. 

Google audience

Google Affinity Audiences have undergone drastic changes in recent months. In 2020, a real estate broker can search a broad keyword and narrow the search between people who want to sell or buy. This strategy gives better targeting and minimizes marketing funds.

Inbound marketing

Agents and brokers realize the power of inbound marketing when they can witness increased trust and confidence in a process. The strategy ensures that real estate clients fill an online exchange form before exchanging the information for extended value. It has the highest potential for developing qualified prospects because no one wants to provide information for a bot. Here is what proper inbound marketing ought to include:

  • Content about the business’ local content
  • A detailed landing page
  • An effective emailing strategy to nurture clients.


This excellent real estate marketing strategy is essential for generating leads because it proves the value of the investment. PPC targets individuals who search for coo-related keywords on search engines. The technique shows the effectiveness of the ad with the amount of payment received, allowing the marketing team to teach the SEO for accurate results.


People want to know that they are in a transaction with another human being. They also tend to consider properties by real estate brokers who have a seemingly friendly attitude and a somewhat open communication channel. A 2020 digital real estate marketing strategy relies on getting your name and expertise to the right candidates for successful marketing campaigns. 

We have a real estate marketing plan template that will suit any real estate niche and scale. Contact us for your personal marketing plan for realtors who want to scale higher in closing deals. 



Real Estate Marketing Strategy
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