Reputation Management San Diego

Reputation Management San Diego

You don’t have to wait until you get a series of scathing reviews to think about the importance of reputation management in San Diego. In fact, with a proactive approach to reputation management, you can mitigate the damage caused by bad reviews when you get them – and you will get them! Every business gets bad reviews from time to time if they stay in business long enough, admittedly, some more than others. Negative reviews, negative publicity, and a negative public perception can put a company out of business if they don’t have a proactive, positive publicity campaign in place.

How Important is Reputation Management in San Diego?

It doesn’t matter whether you run a brick and mortar business, an online business, or both. Customer reviews are insanely influential! Reviews determine how new prospective customers view your business and whether or not they want to buy from you. And despite a common belief among many SEO agencies, negative and positive reviews can definitely affect how your website is displayed in the search engines. Put simply; lots of negative reviews can cause the search engines to drop your website in its rankings, and lots of positive reviews can have the exact opposite effect.

You Have Control!

The good news is that you don’t have to hope and pray people share how awesome your brand, products, and services are anymore! And here’s a little tidbit you might find interesting:

A recent study showed that a dissatisfied customer is 400 times more likely to leave a negative review online than a happy customer is to leave a positive review. This fact sucks, but it is a fact that all business owners in the 21st Century have to deal with! The good news is that you do have control!

How Rankify Media Helps with Reputation Management in San Diego

Rankify Media gives our clients a simple review funnel process that is highly effective and straight-forward. As mentioned, disgruntled customers are more much more likely to leave a scathing review than happy, satisfied customers are to rave about you. Reasons that happy customers often give for not leaving reviews include:

  • “Don’t have the time”
  • “Never thought to do it”
  • “I forgot”
  • “I don’t know how to”

Rankify Media’s review funnel system solves this problem! Our system automates the tasks of asking, reminding, and guiding your customers through the review process. Plus, there are little tricks and hacks you can use to get your customer to leave a review. For example, you could offer something like a $1 coupon off their next purchase of $10 or more when they leave a review. Further, Rankify Media will get your customers to leave a review on the sites that matter most to you.

What about negative reviews? Our review funnel system gives your business a second chance to fix any problems and catch your customers before they vent online. The net result is more and better reviews from your real customers.

Reputation Management San Diego