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Many people have come to regard website development as website design. They believe the two to be the same, whereas website design is different from development. This erroneous belief may stem from the fact that both website design and website development incorporate breathing life into a website. However, the training and skills needed to function in website design and website development are entirely different.


A website is the ultimate element of the internet. It's a collection of web pages linked together and accessible to the public through a domain name.

Development is a process of creating something or making something. That means website development activities are handled by top web developers in Atlanta and elsewhere to create a website for either the internet or an intranet.

Internet is a worldwide web. It's accessible to the public, whereas an intranet is a private network. Web development entails all the non-design aspects of creating a website, such as web markup, coding, client-side scripting, server-side scripting, eCommerce development, content management system, server, and network security configuration.

Website development may be just a webpage or many web pages linked together. It could even be a social network.


Website design uses several features such as imagery, links, taglines, photography, typography, drop-down navigation, slides, and the likes to design websites on the internet.

This is the non-development aspect of building a website. It is the user experience and not the software development of the website. What top website designers in Atlanta and elsewhere aim to achieve is the content, appearance, and layout of the website. They make use of the best colors, fonts, and images.

They also help to structure your information, so it is pleasing to potential visitors to the website. The best Atlanta web designers take it upon themselves to ensure that the web is easy to use and functional. They ensure no unnecessary information is found on the website and that potential users do not encounter any avoidable frustration. Web apps, user interface design, and mobile apps also require web design.


Website design involves conceptualizing, planning, and arranging your content on your website to be displayed on the internet. Website designers are not only tasked with beautifying your website; they also make sure your website is functional. The functionality of the website includes how well it performs on search engines like Google. This is why marketing agencies will leave no stone unturned till their website design is perfect.

Website development companies in Atlanta, GA, are vital to the survival of businesses in this technology-driven world. Since the world has gone digital, businesses have no choice but to follow suit, and one of the many ways to make that happen is by developing a website. No sane human chooses complication over convenience. Building a website for your business makes your business visible to a host of potential customers. The medium makes them aware of your products or services and helps you market your uniqueness to them, granting you an edge over your competitors.

It is clear that with a perfect blend of a website well-developed and designed, your digital marketing needs will be met as you will be able to interact with your customers, increase connectivity, and also prove your reliability.

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