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The essentials to SEO/SEM basically comes down to three things:

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  • Identifying your target keywords for the best ROI.
  • Writing terrific content that clearly explains and motivates readers to take action.
  • Develop inbound links to your site that are relevant and credible.

The later of the three is the most difficult to achieve. These inbound links should come from other websites relevant to your niche and also should include social media. Currently we have over 38,000 small to medium to sized business websites in the WebWorks system. We have managed through the many algorithm changes like Google’s recent “Panda” and “Penguin” updates and we foresee spam control measures continuing into the future.

It’s easy not to get penalized by these updates, just don’t use spam tactics when promoting your website.

The Automated SEO For Wordpress Plugin operates in association with, but also independently from your Wordpress website by connecting your website to the Webworks network. The Automated SEO For Wordpress Plugin creates pages within your Wordpress site that are rich in exclusive, relevant content, perfectly optimized and supplied with keyword relevant inbound links.

It is only through automation and over 10 years of building and refining the Webworks System that we can deliver such a high quality pool of potential linking partners. You must register as a member to access the most powerful Internet Marketing Platform ever created.

WebWorks Internet Marketing Platform

The WebWorks Internet Marketing Platform has been designed to minimize the repetitive and time consuming tasks of finding relevant businesses to link to your site, and for them to find you! Determining the relevant value of a linking partner is one of the services built into the system. However, all linking is ultimately controlled by you.

You have ultimate control over the links displayed on your website as well as inbound links to your website. You can enable and disable any of your link partners from your Wordpress dashboard. However, keep in mind that every website that joins the Webworks System goes through an intense review process to prove their worthiness to obtain monthly Webworks access. All generated link connections consist of real business websites with unique IP addresses that possess Page Rank (Google PR Rank). These sites are owned by independent business owners like you that have chosen the Automated SEO For Wordpress Plugin to handle their link building process. By joining the Webworks Directory you are opting out of chaos on the web and entering a Platform that has protection safe guards built in place so that you do not pay the price of penalties nor do you pay the price of lost revenue on SEO and Internet marketing scams that plague the industry.

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The primary services included in every Automated SEO For Wordpress Plugin membership:

  • Keyword research & development.
  • Professionally crafted original content.
  • Dedicated and perfectly optimized content pages by keyword.
  • Inbound linking from relevant Opt In businesses with unique IP addressed websites.
  • Live social media icons, YouTube video, lead capture and Google Maps included on every plugin generated page.

In addition to these primary features, the Automated SEO For Wordpress Plugin gives you access to several features normally considered "optional" pricey upgrades by other competing SEO Plugins, if they offer them at all.

Other features available from your Wordpress dashboard:

  • Webworks Dashboard for account management.
  • 24/7 site monitoring including up time, malware detection, hacking attempts, DNS problems, etc.
  • Link alert alerting you to new link partners that have joined your category.
  • New link partners each month as new members join your category of business.
  • Human monitored link exchange on your companies behalf.
  • Full control of all linking partners in the form of quick easy enable disable button.
  • Integrated Google Maps, Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools.
  • Weekly rank reporting for Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
  • 24/7 access to all plugin generated pages for updating and editing.
  • Real time website activity monitoring and logging accessible from your Wordpress dashboard.
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Get the most Powerfyl SEO Plugin ever Created for Wordpress
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Content is Still King!

Our professional writers research content topics prior to writing the first draft and discuss with you the best way to present the call to action for each page. We will help you to find the best keywords to meet your specific needs. We then identify the keywords phrases people also search for when searching for the target keywords. By having the target keyword’s as well as the relative keyword phases integrated into the page content will help to raise the content’s authority when indexed by the search engines.

The Automated SEO For Wordpress Plugin deploys a themed business directory following Google’s fundamental guidelines to ensure continued success for everyone, no matter what new algorithms come along. To join our themed business directory, your website needs to be thoroughly reviewed by our staff. If your website is accepted, you will start to receive relevant links from related websites, a few each day, until you reach hundreds. Exactly how many links you will receive will depend on your category, you may get anywhere from fifty to five hundred relevant links over a period of three months, and more as we grow our webmasters’ union.

Once you sign up and install the Automated SEO For Wordpress Plugin, you will see results in your first ranking report with in weeks. What we ask our Clients to keep in mind is that Organic search results are very different from Pay Per Click. PPC produces is instant, while organic may take a little time. Although results are seen with in weeks, we ask our clients to give the Automated SEO For Wordpress 6 months to a year in order to see it at its full potential.

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